Monday, July 27, 2009

Latest Favorite Find

Buried in the depths of a dark closet, amidst poly slacks and decorative sweatshirts, I found this evening gown. Tucked away in a diamond tuck print gold plastic garment bag, it looked as if it hadn't been touched since it was last worn, maybe sometime in 1952. It took a trip to the dry cleaners and a bit of stitching to return it to it's original stature. It's so glamorous I can barely stand it!
On a body it does what all good dresses should do. It carves out a wasp-like waist. It makes your breasts spill over in generous abundance and it gives you hypnotic hips. Maybe I'm being a little dramatic but really...look at it...
The dress is being featured in our front window this week. Feel free to come by and be blown away.