Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Holiday Dresses at Xtabay

1950's Red velveteen Party Dress By Flair, Waist 24". 

1950's Black velvet cocktail dress by Suzy Perette, waist 25". 

1940's Ivory gabardine wedding suit, size small. 

Blush 1950's lace party dress from Carrolls.Waist 28". 

Sexy 1970's red jersey evening gown by Victoria Royal. Small. 

1950's dark floral satin party dress with rhinestone studded bodice, waist 30".

1940's emerald velveteen evening gown, sold. 

Just a small sampling of some of my favorite holiday fashions at Xtabay this week. We have been filling the shop with luxurious coats, cashmere sweaters, and fabulous party dresses. We look forward helping you celebrate the holiday season in the finest vintage clothing in town! 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Best Dresses Of 2018 (so far...)

It has been ages since I have done a post. With other social media sources taking up all of my time (namely Instagram ) I rarely get a chance to sit down and update the ol' blog. 2018 has been an incredible year for vintage dresses at Xtabay. Some of the most gorgeous pieces I've ever had have come through the door and then promptly sold either to in local customers or online vintage mavens. So for the sake of posterity I have decided to share my favorites of 2018. Enjoy the scroll....

1950's sheer pink cotton organdy over a body of luscious hydrangeas. So pretty it hurts. 

1950's Natlynn cotton organdy dress with strips of lace panels. 

High drama late 1930's silk velvet bodice with sexy dropped waist and flamboyant  at the hips, in a wild striped taffeta no less! 

1950's White Collar Crime cocktail dress by Gertrude Fashions. I adore the jersey bodice paired with a chiffon skirt. A hidden built in red crinoline adds drama when you twirl. 

1950's Martin Berens Classic Hawaiian dress with metallic silver and gold tiki gods. 

1930's lingerie pink and black liquid slipper satin couture evening gown with rosettes. 

Fabulous blush and black lace party dress from the late 1950's. 

Rare fully beaded 1920's silk chiffon flapper dress with floral and cloud motif beading pattern. 

1950's fan pattern lace party dress by Mollie Stone. 

Iconic and rare 1940's Fred Block studded dress and jacket set. 

The epitome of understated elegance, a late 50's Patullo-Jo Copland dress with shawl neckline and fitted silhouette . 

1950's couture cocktail dress with matching shawl made of Indian silk sari fabric. 

1950's classic Cahill wedding gown, with signature off the shoulder neckline and lace appliqué. 

Iconic 1950's silk organza party dress by legendary designer Ceil Chapman. 

Stunning early 1950's New Look era silk chiffon polka dot dress by Adele Simpson

Early 1960's embroidered cotton voile perfection by Henry Rosenfeld. 

1950's Rose garden silk cocktail dress with draping sash by Suzy Perette. 

1950's Hollywood bombshell silk chiffon beauty by Helena Barbierini. 

1950's Lyres And Lutes novelty print dress by Loungees. 

1950's Queen of Hearts red lace prom dress. 

Dramatic 1920's fiery red heavily fringed cocktail dress. 

Early 1950's crimson tide party dress that shimmers violet depending on the light. 

1960's Grand Floral silk evening gown by Cotillion. 

1960's cotton flower garden dress from Best & Co. 

Early 1960's poppy red cotton dress with matching jacket by L'Aignon. 

1950's Coral Splendor in spun nylon chiffon by Harry Keiser. 

1960's Happiest Day Of The Year balloon print dress by Stanton Jrs. 

1950's silk floral dress by Suzy Perette. 

Fabulous 70's Daisy Chain gown by Victoria Royal Ltd. 

Early 1950's Joyful rose print cotton dress, with unusual asymmetrical neckline. The colors on this dress are so beautiful! 

1950's Abstract green floral print on ivory faille. 

1950's couture made sage green alencon lace cocktail dress with finely pleated off the shoulder neckline. 

1970's Splendor On The Lawn halter gown by Geoffrey Beene.

1950's Alfred Shaheen Tiki God sundress by the print master himself. 

1950's polished cotton two piece set by Colony Casuals. I love the shimmering sequins sewn throughout the print. The epitome of Hollywood glamour. 

1950's Suzy Perette Party dress with fabulous draping that falls off the shoulders and extends to the hem. 

Ethereal 1940's iridescent dotted tulle prom dress of dreams. 

Rare 1940's TWA Air Hostess uniform designed by the great Howard Greer. 

I adore the print on this 1930's cotton and linen dressing gown. 

Sexy and sophisticated silk floral cocktail dress by Fanya. 

Sublime late 1950's Ceil Chapman dress in midnight blue. 

The quintessential 1950's polka dot polished cotton party dress with appliqué rhinetone floral bodice. 

1960's Lavender floral appliqué dress by Peggy Hunt. 

1940's Floral Chiffon gown with tulip and lily of the valley print. 

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