Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Holiday Dressing...

1950's Heavenly Ombre lace couture cocktail party dress by Martini. Waist 26".
1950's Blushing Bow party dress in iridescent taffeta that flashes brilliant orange in certain light. Waist 25". 

Vintage Ralph Lauren silk tartan taffeta holiday party dress, size 4. Waist 26".
Adorable 1960's New-Old raspberry wool and Persian lamb coat by Modelia. Size small, from the Bette Collection! 

Fabulous late 1960's sparkling knit gown with matching scarf, waist 30". 
Wicked 1950's wool princess coat from Nicholas Ungar with red trim violin back detail. Medium.

Teal temptation! 1950's shimmering organza party dress with shawl collar and full pleated skirt. Waist 25". 

Aquamarine 1950's Lilli Ann coat, small. 

Kendra wearing her vintage red Lilli Ann coat from Xtabay on the streets of Portland. Share your pictures wearing your favorite Xtabay item with us on
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  Photographs by Solanah.
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The shop has recently been transformed for the holidays, we implore you to come by and see all the fabulous new arrivals. We would love to help you find the perfect holiday party dress! Cheers!