Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tangerine Dreams

Spectacular 1950's Tangerine Party Dress, Waist 24".
Bust 32"
Worn with 50's rhinestone necklace by Bogoff includes earrings for  98.
Layers of tulle underneath. Dress 348.
1950's coral headpiece with rhinestone hightlights and veil. 38.
Fabulous 50s cayenne feather hat 68.
1950's apricot feather headpiece 48.
Late 70's apricot silk chiffon set by Oscar de la Renta.

Skirt and blouse 298.

1950's Bubble Skirt party dress, 198.
Waist 25", bust 34".

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1950's polka dot party dress, waist 24". 248.

1950's Star Spangled cutie, cotton pique. Nicolas Ungar label. Size 9-10.Waist 30"

1960's Olive Green Persuasion by Jack Bryan. Dress and matching capelet. size 5-6.

1950's olive green suede deliso debs. 51/2 B 38.

Dreamy lilac blue party dress. Size 4. Waist 26" 248.

1950's rhinestone choker 68.

1950's coral splendor party dress with silver polka dots. Waist 26", 248.

1950's glittering party dress with flocked stripes....waist 25". 198.

 Dear readers, I have been lazy this month. Please accept my sincerest apologies.  It's just that for the first time in 10 months the weather has been warm and I decided to escape to the coast for a bit. I couldn't wait to soak up the sun and stroll along the beach. I pictured myself in a long flowing white dress, collecting shells...
 The Oregon coast is beautiful, the beaches are long and vast and often know why? Because they are BRUTAL! Walking the beach was like taking a wind tunnel training course for NASA. My flowing dress fantasy was replaced by the harsh reality of having to wear an oversized fleece jacket.  Fortunately for you, I cut my beach fantasy trip short and got back to work.
These are a few of my favorite finds....the star dress would have been the best 4th of July dress EVER!
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