Monday, October 28, 2013

Autumn Opulence

New Arrivals ....

1930s Embroidered tulle evening gown, waist 28".

1940s Pake Muu Silk gown by Gladys Williams of Honolulu, waist 28".

Metallic gold thread tulle 1950s Tango dress, small.

Elegant early 1960s sharkskin silk taffeta evening gown with bronze beads, waist 23".

Fabulous 1950s NEW LOOK silk taffeta and crepe navy blue cocktail dress by William Fox, waist 26".

1950s cotton organdy floral print ice blue party dress, waist 24"
Amazing 1960s Ivory wool coat with leopard collar and belt. Small, 498.

Rachael tries on a tiny blue velvet flapper dress with sexy hip swag.

1920s sapphire blue flapper dress with lace collar. Petite small.
The answer to your Gatsby party needs- sexy 1980s sequined "flapper" dress with 1920s gold velvet cape with fur collar.
little tiny 1920s shoes, size 4!
 So many beautiful new arrivals this past week- and they all just happen to match the colors outside!

 Come in and see the fabulous new collection of fall dresses- perfect to wear to an autumn wedding or special event. Everyone has been coming in looking for "Gatsby dresses" and we just got in a few that would fit the bill- without breaking the bank:)

Thanks for looking and give us a call at 503-230-2899 with any questions!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cashin Passion: The Bonnie Cashin Collection Unleashed

 I have had a passion for Bonnie Cashin ever since I first read an article about her in the New York Times Magazine in 2001. To my surprise Portland thrift stores were crawling with her designs back then. Nobody in Portland seemed to have heard of her and the fact that her name was discretely scrawled underneath the SILLS label made her designs go un-noticed. I snatched up all that I could find. I remember being thrilled at selling a pristine pink leather coat of her's on Ebay for close to 500.
Ever since then I've been obsessed with her clothing and like to believe I'm a magnet for it...

I hit the Cashin jackpot a couple of years ago when I purchased the estate of a prolific Cashin collector in Lake Oswego- she had hundreds of unworn pieces. Remember these from 2012? Back in the 1960s Bonnie Cashin had regular trunk shows at a downtown Portland department store called Lipmans. I imagine Bette (our patron saint of vintage Cashin and the avid collector) would attend every show and order one in every style. Can you imagine?!

The Cashin collection is available to purchase online in our Etsy store.

 For more of my Bonnie Cashin pieces check out our pinterest page.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Arrivals: My favorite things in the store...

                           Look at all the fabulous things that have come in over the last week!

1960s Saks 5th Ave cocktail dress with silk skirt, waist 25", 248.

1950s silk organza cocktail dress with houndstooth skirt- waist 28", 248.

1930's wool coat with leopard print patch pockets and collar, small 498./sold.

1950's autumn cotton floral dress, waist 29" 198.
Sexy 1960s Emma Domb evening gown, waist 29" 398.
1960s chiffon cocktail, sold.

1960s Pat Sandler beaded cocktail dress, waist 28" 298.
1970s silk spiral gown by Halston, 598.
1950s Reproduction dress made here at Xtabay by Erin Rose, 28" waist. 298.

1960s Sheared beaver jacket with leopard trim and belt, 398.00

1930's bias cut wedding gown, sold.
1930's satin crepe wedding gown with lace button up jacket, waist 27", 998.

1920s Egyptian revival metallic mesh shawl, 298.
My favorite coat-1960s Joseph Magnin, sold.

 Most of these fabulous finds are available to purchase here in our Etsy Shop.

Do not hesitate to call us with any questions. These beauties are selling faster than I can list em! 

Thanks for looking!