Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Arrivals

1950's wedding dress in embroidered cotton eyelet, available in the bridal salon and in our Etsy shop.

1950's style rose gold embroidered wedding or reception dress, an Xtabay exclusive design, available in the bridal salon and Etsy shop.

Stunning 1950's prom dress in soft pink and evergreen. Waist 26", available in our boutique and Etsy shop.
Fabulous 1950's abstract silk drop waist party dress, available in our boutique and Etsy shop.
Beautiful blue floral print party dress by Gigi Young, available in our boutique and Etsy shop. 
Lilac 1950's twin party dress by Gigi Young, sold.

Vintage 1950's aqua organza prom dress, sold and going to the prom-again!

1950's golden silk cocktail dress, available in the boutique and in our Etsy shop.

Never worn 1950's Henry Water's Shoes of Consequence,  size 7m, available in our Etsy shop.

Dresses waiting to be shipped out to prom shoppers around the world.
I love this vintage wedding portrait in our bridal salon.

We are having a serious case of the "February fake-out" here in Portland, Oregon. The sun has been shining, temperatures have soared to the mid 60's and people are out in t-shirts and shorts. I even spotted people sunbathing in the park across the street from where I live. I know,  come June we will be shivering with temperatures in the 40s and wearing rain gear until after July 4th. It's just the way it goes here in Portland, and we Oregonians know that when the sun is out you celebrate, even if we look a little foolish wearing flip flops in February. 

Xtabay Vintage Bridal Salon is busier than ever with brides finding their dream wedding dresses. We have such an amazing selection of vintage and vintage inspired wedding dresses right now. Nothing makes us happier than helping brides find the perfect dress. Call us at 503-234-7568 to set up a private appointment. 

Thank you! 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Color Palette: Coral and Celadon

So many beautiful new arrivals have landed in the shop this week! Vintage dresses in warm corals and soothing celadons have suddenly appeared, making the store look like a cheerful spring oasis. 

 While everything pictured is currently available in our brick and mortar store we will be adding items to our Etsy shop later this week. The beautiful gold headpieces are by Mignonne Handmade and are available at our sister store The English Department in downtown Portland. 

The bridal salon is full of new arrivals this week as well. There are so many stunning vintage and vintage inspired wedding gowns to choose from right now. Call us at 503-234-7568 to make an appointment. We would love to help you find your dream wedding dress! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Book Of Love

1950's book on love by the Peter Pauper Press. 
New Voluspa Candles in this week! 

The Queen Of Hearts dress from the 1950's. Coming soon to our Etsy shop!

Pretty prom shopper Taylor trying on a 1950's pale green prom gown.

Beautiful vintage bridal jewelry.

Vintage 1930's style wedding gown in the bridal salon.

Wedding advice from the 1920's…"but never let him know you manage him",

New arrival in the bridal salon: Stunning 1920's style wedding gown. 

Toby will be your Valentine if no one else will:)

The other day I was out rummaging around (like I do) and found this adorable little book called L'Amour from 1957. For a mere two bucks this should get me into the Valentine's Day spirit! 
That was until I started to read it and quickly realized this book was meant the broken hearted, bitter, and all around down on love club. Which if you are a member, and God knows I've been many, many times, than this is the book for you. 

Happy Valentine's Day! We hope you stop by this weekend for doggie kisses, pretty dresses and Valentine's cookies!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

a not so white wedding...

A few seasons ago my all time favorite wedding photographer Erich McVey did a styled shoot with model Courtney Bryant on the Oregon coast.  Courtney wears Portland designer Claire La Faye's stunning blue-grey wedding gown poetically named Swan Song. The images spawned a flurry of interest in colored bridal gowns in both my bridal boutiques. Oh yeah…did you know I own two bridal boutiques? 
Claire's dresses are featured at my beautiful downtown bridal shop The English Dept. I highly recommend you come by and check them out.
 However, if your heart and budget is set on a vintage wedding dress,  Xtabay has some really beautiful and budget friendly options…..

This 1950's pale blue tulle prom dress would make a lovely wedding dress and even came from the old bridal salon at Meier & Frank. It most likely served as a bridesmaid dress in the 50's but today would make a beautiful wedding dress. Available to purchase in our here in our Etsy shop.

The color blush pink has been really popular in bridal for a few years now. This ethereal 1950's evening gown would make a beautiful bridal dress! Sold.

I love this little 1950's tiered dress with lilac sequin sprinkles on top, it would be adorable for a garden wedding! Purchase here in our Etsy shop.

Rachael tries on a robins egg blue lace wedding gown in the palatial Xtabay Bridal dressing room, really it's bigger than my house. Details here in our Etsy shop.

 This sweet celadon green strapless 1950's gown would also make a lovely wedding gown. Available here in our Etsy shop.

So if you want a little color on your wedding day, we've got you covered!