Monday, June 25, 2012

What To Wear To A Wedding...

This late 50's nude lace concoction by Caryle is one of the most popular dresses the Xtabay has ever had. Three years ago I had the identical dress, and to this day I still get requests for it. Imagine my surprise when someone brought in another one! Here it is, a bit smaller than the previous one but every bit as gorgeous...waist 24", 298.  Perfect to wear to a semi-formal wedding with pearls and a pair of kitten heels.

Who can resist this darling early 60's Hawaiian sundress by Casual Aire?  I love how it laces up the back. It's kind of the perfect summer sun dress, kind of dressy- kind of casual...perfect. Waist 26", 198.

This little 50's cotton blouse and skirt set is so Hollywood! Pink seersucker with upturned collar and wrap top. Pink is always appropriate at a wedding... nothing says love like the color pink. Waist 26". 

 Going to a garden party wedding? What could possibly be cuter than this? Early 60's polished cotton border print dress with sun soaked blossoms...waist 26", 198.

 I think this Meyer Moskowitz? I think that's his name... straw bag with the fruit lining would be a perfect match.

 If you just happen to be a bride, maybe this 50's tea-length wedding dress would work?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with Peggy Hunt dresses. I rarely come across them anymore and have a strong tendency to keep them when I do. However, never in a million weight watchers meetings would I ever be able to fit into this one. So this 1950's illusion lace wiggle dress is up for grabs, if you have a 26" waist and 37" hips it could be the dress for you:)

 Lastly, the delicate abstract pink street scene print of this 60's dress has charmed the pants off me. Don't you think this makes the perfect wedding guest dress? I do.
Waist 26". 198.

Lately the only thing people have been coming in for are dresses to wear to weddings. I thought I'd pool some of my top favorites. Don't feel like you have to be attending a wedding to wear any of these though....they are really perfect for almost anything.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bette Dresses!

1950's Blue Taffeta Party Dress, waist 25", from the Bette Collection.
Early 50's "New Look" Taffeta Cocktail Dress with Halterneck. Waist 25".

Shimmering silk taffeta party dress from the 1950's...waist 26".

Bette's Pink Gingham Sundress, sold.

Bette's Mam'Selle Cotton Pique 60's dress, waist 24".
Bette's Unworn pink cotton day dress with matching sweater, sold.

Adorable 60's clock handbag, 48.

1970's Diaphanous Chiffon Wedding Gown, waist 26".

Bette's Unworn 60's Jonathan Logan white dress, waist 26".

Bette's 50's Lemon Novelty Print Sundress, sold.

Bette's 50's summer dress, sold.

So cute! 1950's Hawaiian sundress with applique straps, waist 26".

Bette's 60's cotton op-art sundress, waist 25".

Bette's Jonathan Logan Peter Pan collar dress, waist 26".
Bette's unworn 50's Fourth of July sundress. Waist 24"

Bette's stunning 60's cotton pique Polka Dot dress, waist 26"

One of Bette's many dresses by Mam'selle, cotton waffle weave dress with full skirt and  beaded belt, original tags attached, waist 26".

As some of you may know, I have been dealing with a whole lot of fabulous dresses owned by a woman named Bette. Bette Davis to be exact--no, not thee Bette Davis, but I bet this Bette had more clothing than her famous namesake.
 Most of the dresses I just posted belonged to Bette. Some have already sold but are worth showing just for their beauty. We have been busy filling our ETSY shop so that all of you out of towners get a chance to own a bit of Bette's collection.