Friday, January 18, 2013

Downton Xtabay...

  I am always amazed by how things show up at the store right at the perfect time. A couple of weeks ago a woman brought in her mothers wedding gown and veil from 1929. The dress is the most sumptuous champagne silk slipper satin and has a avant-garde zig-zag hemline and a long tulip shaped train. Each point of the train contains a weighted disc to preserve the shape. The veil is the most incredible antique french lace I have ever seen. Along the base of the skull is a row of wax flowers.

 Then things start to get really weird. Another woman comes to store with her grandmothers wedding dress and matching veil, also from 1929! Her grandmothers dress is the most beautiful delicate lace and ivory blush silk and features a silk flower in the center. It is also in beautiful almost pristine condition. How wonderfully random is that?! And just in time for the season premiere of Downton Abbey.

Thank you universe for always being on the same wavelength.

These wedding gowns and many others are available in our bridal salon for purchase. Please call us at 503-234-7568 to schedule an appointment.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Top 20 Dresses From 2012!

20. Stunning 1960's french lace empire waist wedding gown with original tags. Sold in our Bridal Salon.

 19. Fabulous 1960's black evening gown with glamourous pink satin bow.

 18. Brilliant moss green day dress with gleaming brass buttons and belt. Early 1960's.

 17. Gorgeous 1950's bubble hemmed prom dress by Mary Carter.

16. Sweet sixteen is this delicate little 50's pink accordion pleated party dress with matching jacket. So many requests for this one!

 15. Speaking of requests...this 50's style polka dot tulle wedding dress was quite the heart-breaker--in more ways than one!

 14. The ultimate little black dress! 1950's black taffeta with full circle skirt and halter neck. Simple yet spellbinding!

 13. How did I get in there?!!! Yes folks, that's me wearing a 1970's lurex Missoni evening gown on a Princess Cruise Ship. Haven't decided whether or not I should sell this one yet!

 12. The prettiest 50's cotton sundress in town! From the infamous Bette collection.

 11. This 1950's blue silk taffeta party dress is one of the prettiest I've ever seen. Lucky girl fit into it perfectly!

 10. 1950's perfection-- black zig-zag hemmed flocked taffeta over the softest lingerie pink ruffles and underskirt.

9. 1950's Rappi--glorious red embroidered silk organza with shawl collar. Drop dead gorgeous!

8. Pistachio day dream...1950's ball gown with pistachio soutache, rhinestones and sash.

 7. Lucky number 7--this early 50's dynamite cocktail dress by Joan Barrie turned a ton of heads and garnered hundreds of requests after it sold.

 6. Spectacular early 50's hand painted Mexican velvet skirt and top. This ensemble had people pulling over in there cars to get a better look.

5. This stunning 1950's couture gown by Mary Carter got to walk down the aisle this year!

4. One of my personal favorites this year was this 1970s silk jersey gown by Bob Mackie. I love the draping and the serpent neckline....

3. I was greatly honored this year to get to sell some really fine pieces of actual vintage couture. This 1959 silk satin gown and evening coat by Arnold Scaasi was one such set.  Thanks to Margit for trusting me with them!

 2. This 1950's embroidered strapless party dress by Emma Domb made it all the way to the red carpet this year! Thanks to Sarah Bibb from the fabulous boutique Folly for introducing her good friend and star of True Blood Kristen Bauer to the wonders of Xtabay.

1. Drum roll please........the number one dress of 2012 is this beaded and bejeweled creation from the early 1980's. This humble little showstopper garnered close to a 1000 "likes" on Facebook and more than 300 individual "shares" making it by far the most popular dress we have EVER featured on our Facebook fan page. However, if you disagree with this selection please feel free to write in your own favorite Xtabay dress of 2012. We would love to here from you!

And finally as I promised long ago, the final installment of the Xtabay Vintage Fashion Show featuring the gowns....