Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Road Trip Treasure Hunt...

Dashboard Yakima, Washington. 
Just a few of the finds..
Hundreds of eerie wind turbines...
Modernist 40's crepe gown in color blocked grey and turquoise. Waist 28"
Emily contemplating a meal at Dinty's.

Costume supposedly worn by Buster Keaton decorating the eclectic estate...
1930's Silk Chiffon Carnation print gown, waist 34"-available now in our Etsy shop.

A collection of wasp's nests decorate a bedroom...
40's illusion neckline evening gown, that just sold in the last half hour:)

In the throes of vintage passion....that's me deep inside a closet.
1940's Tropicana rayon Pake Muu Muu from the 40's.
Fringe Benefits...1960's Alfred Werber Gown-size 10.
1940's rayon jersey dressing gown in Schiaparelli pinks and black. Waist 28".
1940's Jean Carol Black Crepe Evening Gown with gold studs. Waist 28".
Last week my good friend Emily and I took a road trip up to Yakima Washington to go hunting for treasures. I had received a call earlier in the week from a woman whose mother-in-law had recently passed away. Her mother-in-law was an avid collector and artist, who had been collecting vintage clothing for most of her life. Her father-in-law was still living at the estate and needed help downsizing some of her massive collection. As with most estates, I never know what to really expect. When we arrived at the house we were thrilled by what we found.
First off, we were hungry. The daughter in law kept saying that Jim would make us lunch. In our minds we were thinking--he want's to make us lunch?! What if it's Oscar Meyer bologna on stale wonder bread? What if everything is old and dirty? We'd rather stick to our own meal plan....We tried to find a place to eat but we couldn't, finally we surrendered to whatever non-organic creepy confection Jim might have to offer.
 But we were SO WRONG!!! We get to Jim's and it looks like we walked into a Dear Golden blog post photo spread. There's this beautiful rustic wood table with exotic Ines Rosales Sweet Olive Oil Tortas and Dalamata fig spread. Jim has this massive wooden salad bowl that he's tossing this fresh organic green salad in and grinding garlic cloves. He even has opened a bottle of the prettiest white wine (unfortunately for me I don't drink). For desert he prepared this amazing coconut milk rice pudding with orange rinds...sooo good! Emily and I were in heaven, and we hadn't even started digging through the closets yet.
When it was time to start shopping it was fabulous but bittersweet. The woman who had worn and collected these things was so present in the home. Her sense of humor and creativity was everywhere. She was the kind of woman I always wished to be-- brave, creative, sexy and fearless. She was adored by many and very sorely missed.  Jim loved her to pieces. He showed us a gem stone cutter that he had used to replicate priceless jewels she had seen in W Magazine. She would cut out the picture and he would make her an exact replica. We were astounded by what he could make. He quietly said--"well, when you really love someone you just want to do anything for them".
I ended buying a whole car load of treasures.  Lot's of the kinds of things you just don't find anymore.  Beaded 40's gowns, rayon hawaiian prints...the stuff I dream of finding.
When we were leaving Jim said how thrilled he was that his wife's things were going somewhere where they will be loved and appreciated. He invited us to come back soon and dig some more (yes please!)
 I am so honored to be able to represent this beloved collection.

We will be posting pictures and trickling things into the shop and Etsy store over the next week or so...

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Miss Glamour Puss Dishes on Love....

Marilyn found true love in "How To Marry A Millionaire" by just being her self-glasses and all!

Dear Miss Glamour Puss:

I can’t believe it! Mr. Right—at least, I think he’s Mr. Right—finally asked me on a date. I’ve been eyeing this guy for weeks, and yesterday I ran into him in the pet food aisle at New Seasons. He dropped a couple of cans of Fancy Feast in his basket and said, “So, you wanna, like, hang out sometime?” Squeee! We’re scheduled to “hang out” (whatever that means) next Friday night. I’m so excited! But I have no idea what to wear. What do you wear to hang out, anyway? What do guys like? How can I be sexy and appealing without looking like a tramp? Help!

--Trembling with Anticipation

Dear Trembling,

First, let the Puss say how thrilled she is for you! Who knows? Maybe this man will be The One. Maybe in future years you will gaze at cans of cat food with stars in your eyes, holding hands, remembering the moment things changed.

Or not. Listen up, cutie pie. The Puss has been around the block once or twice, and out there on the other side of the block you learn some hard lessons. Here’s one: If he doesn’t like how you look when you love how you look, this little rendezvous is headed for Heartbreak Hotel. I don’t care if he’s freaking Christian Dior, he should feel warm and happy just to get a quick eyeful of you, no matter what you’re wearing.

Summon your Pussitude! Here are a few examples:

Old think: I can’t call too soon or he’ll think I’m too eager. Maybe I should just text him instead.
Puss think: I’ll call him whenever I feel like it, and he’ll be glad to hear from me.

Old think: I’m so nervous when I’m with him! What if I blow it by saying the wrong thing, or I wear too much makeup and he doesn’t like makeup, or I don’t like the right bands?
Puss think: If I don’t feel safe and happy and beautiful with him, he’s wasting my time.

Get it? The key is to feel spectacular, to feel like you. Throw all those ridiculous rules out the window and put your real self out there. Are you at your best in a mix of turquoise paisley and purple tights? Wear them. Or maybe you channel the vixen in a 1940s black crepe dress adorned with ropes of crystal? Put them on. You might love your cigarette jeans with green suede 1950s stilettos (perhaps the “Fiancés – Go Steady With” brand for good luck) and a cashmere twinset? That’s exactly what you need to wear.

If your wardrobe doesn’t render much fabulosity at the moment, get down to the Xtabay and let Proprietress Liz or one of her style goddess assistants assemble you something smashing. Something you feel smashing in, that is. When you find yourself, hand on hip, swiveling in front of the mirror striking Marlene Dietrich poses, you’ll know you’ve found the right outfit.

And if he doesn’t like it? Well, darling, to hell with him. You can bet you’ll be starring in the dreams of many another guy you pass long the way that night. You’re worth the best, bright eyes. The Puss means it.

Last tip: Wear something that doesn’t show cat hair, just in case you get lucky.

Kiss kiss,
Glamour Puss

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Beauty Reigns...

Fantastic 80s does 20s "Gatsby" Dress, available for purchase in our Etsy shop.

Miss Elliette 50s chiffon cocktail dress with pearl statement necklace. Available in our Etsy shop.

The perfect accessories: 1950s magenta velvet gloves and purse set.
Amazing 1950's cotton sundress with velvet rose appliqués. 

1950's Rose print cotton sundress, available in the store.

1950's Mocha Rose evening gown, available in our ETSY shop.

1950's Cotton eyelet wedding gown, available in the Bridal Salon and on ETSY.

1950's Trifari necklace set, comes with bracelet and earrings too! Available in store. 125.
1960's embroidered organza party dress, available in store. 

Copper teardrop necklace from the 50's by Renoir, available in store, 85.
Fluffy, frothy peach petticoats-68. available in store.

1950's frosted chiffon wedding dress, available on etsy and in the bridal salon.

 So I've been a little quiet lately on the blog. The past few months have been really hard and almost a month ago today I had say good bye to a dear friend. A few of you may have known him, or seen him when visiting the shop. His name was Gabe and he was my pomeranian companion.
Gabe was always quick to wag his tale and greet the customers and never hesitated to present his rear end for a good rub down. I can't even begin to express how much I miss seeing his little sunshiny face and having him greet me every night when I come home. Rest in peace my sweet boy....

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Fabulous Finds...

1950's Silk Organza Garden Party Dress 

1950's eyelet organza nude party dress, from Nicholas Ungar.

Amazing 50's ombre tiered lace party dress. 

Classic 50's striped sundress by Saba Jrs. Sold. 

Gorgeous 50's tiered lace cocktail dress by Claudia Young. 

The quintessential 50's Lucy party dress with pink polka dots, by Charella.

Exquisite 50's silk floral cocktail dress with bustle back by Eleanor Green.

Outrageous 60's silk brocade coat dress with gumball sized rhinestone buttons! 

The perfect sundress, 60s Jonathan Logan in polished cotton.

Darling 60's cupcake dress with lace overlay. 

My favorite kind of dress, 60's multiple layers of silk chiffon evening gown with beaded bodice. 

Another beauty in silk chiffon, Dove grey with jewel encrusted bodice. 

Stunning 50's wedding dress by Marie of Pandora.

The one that got away....sold in seconds! 1960's Miss Elliette feathered cocktail dress.

The vintage Gods have been smiling on us and we have been finding some truly exceptional dresses! That paired with the skills of our new sales girls Rachael and Kara (more about them in the next post) means dresses have been selling faster than ever! Take that brown pleated chiffon beauty up above, she only lasted a few seconds in the shop...

I hit the costume jewelry jackpot last week while making a house call and purchased a beautiful collection of signed pieces, names like Miriam Haskell, Joseff of Hollywood, Regency, Trifari and  David Anderson. I'm so excited to show them off!  I also picked up a bunch of fabulous hats and bags...

Come by this week and check it all out, we'd love to see you:)