Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lipstick Red 60's satin party dress, waist 26", 148. 

Adorable 1960's black chiffon and lace overlay cocktail dress, size 4-6. 148.

Sexy 70's stretchy sequined femme fatale dress with low dipping back. Size med. 148.
1950's Alice and Wonderland Blue strapless party dress, waist 28", 225.

Pomeranian double-vision: Gabe meets Daphne

1920's Burn out velvet flapper dress, med. 125

All illusion 60's lace dress, sold.

Much better in person..1950's Wool Jersey fringed cocktail wiggle dress, waist 28"

1960's Mermaid cut red brocade evening gown from Hawaii, waist size 34", 175.

From my own, personal collection, 60's chiffon with ostrich feather trail...waist 29", 248.
Custom made for Xtabay, soft chiffon petticoat with black lace trim, 48.
Size small and medium, 48. Available in red, purple, teal, lilac, tangerine, aqua, royal blue, hot pink and baby pink.

 Yay! The tinsel tree is up and we are getting ready for the holidays, this is just a small peek at some of the dresses we got in this week that are holiday party worthy. There are more on the way!
I've been a little pre-occupied getting the bridal salon ready and haven't had time to take as many pictures lately. Don't worry though, the store is chock full of fabulous frocks just waiting to be taken out on the town again---sad, some haven't been out in over 60 years....

If you see anything you must have please email us at for questions on shipping and purchasing over the phone.

Thanks for looking!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Here kitty kitty....

Well well well, look what the old cat dragged in today! The purrfect 60's faux cheetah print double-breasted coat. This beauty was made by Safari and is in excellent condition. Don't hesitate to call and reserve this beauty because the last one I had sold in seconds....
Coat is a medium size and is being offered at 275.

We also got in our custom made soft chiffon crinolines--tons of fun colors like: Cobalt, Jade, Peacock, Tangerine, lilac and Purple Royale. Perfect under jewel tone holiday party dresses. I also had a few pink, red and light blue ones with black lace trim made up! They are so cute. The crinolines are available for 48. Shipping is free if you order more than one.

If you are interested in purchasing items you see on the blog feel free to either call us during business hours daily between 11am-6pm at 503 230 2899 or you can email me at
for shipping inquires and special orders please email Erin at

Thanks so much for looking!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Xtabay Bridal Salon: Opening Soon--but not yet!

Sneak peek at bridal salon dressing room...

In the salon....still under construction.

  The Xtabay Vintage Bridal Salon will be opening very soon--but not quite yet. The projected opening date is now the beginning of December. Let's say around the 10th. The official announcement hasn't been made but will be coming soon as well as news of the grand opening party!

We had hoped to be open by the middle of this month but due to a plumbing crisis (don't worry- nothing was damaged, just our spirits) and the delayed arrival of some crucial fixtures (mirrors, racks,etc.) we just aren't quite ready.

I must say, it is looking beyond fabulous...You wont be disappointed.
Stay tuned for more info....

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Not All Vintage Dresses Are Size Zero (or two for that matter)

Early 60's Emma Domb Winter White Party/Wedding dress.
Waist: 32"~Bust: 40"~Hips: Open

1950's Coral Splendor Taffeta Party Dress.

Classic early 50's crepe cocktail dress-
Bust:44"~Waist:34"~Hips: open

Black 1940s Femme Fatate Beaded Taffeta Cocktail Dress...

1940's Plum Crepe Evening Gown...

1930's Silk Charmeuse Evening Gown....

Fantastic Black &White Abstract Print Rayon Set--

Note the pearl and rhinestone details..

Shown with belted jacket. This set is in immaculate condition..

Exquisite 30's panne velvet tilted topper...

Christian Dior Velvet hat....125.

Late 50's cerulean blue satin party dress....
Waist 36"~Bust: 42"~Hips: 52"

Wowza! 1970's jersey halter gown in brilliant blue. Modern size 12.

1930's chartreuse silk tilt hat with netting and rose. 125. Excellent condition.

The number one thing that people say when walking into Xtabay is: "WHAT?! Was everyone just smaller back then???", or "I love vintage, but everything is SO tiny--I don't fit in any of it!"

Hearing this starts to get on my nerves, for one--it's been said (as Carl Sagan would say) Billions and Billions of times since I opened 10+ years ago and secondly (and more importantly) it isn't entirely true.

It is true that Americans are getting bigger--whether it be the result of better nutrition or growth hormone injected nutrition-I'm not really sure.  All I know is growing up I drank gallons of bovine growth hormone milk and I have size 10 ( and growing) feet and a head the size of a watermelon.

 I readily admit that most of the fluffy 50's prom dresses we post have itty-bitty waistlines and yes, I admit I like posting pictures of them because they look so fabulous on the itty-bitty dress forms. So upon honest investigation I must confess, I myself have perpetuated this myth.

That is why I have chosen to show off some of our prettiest size 12 and above dresses. Mind you, back in the 50's and 60's a Size 12 was the equivalent of a modern size 4-6. Hence, when people say that Marilyn wore a size 12, it's not the same as a modern size 12.

So here are some stunning examples of some of the more curvaceous dresses we currently have in stock.
I did pin them to fit the mannequin properly and to show the true shape of them when worn.
There are also a few little hats in there--which are pretty much one-size-fits-all, unless like me you have a watermelon sized head.

Thanks for looking, for prices and further details email me at
For info on shipping and other special requests email Erin at

P.S. Xtabay Vintage Bridal Salon will be opening VERY SOON> stay tuned for more details!