Monday, May 28, 2012

New Arrivals May 27th...

1950's Ballerina Wedding Dress, waist 24"available in our Etsy shop.

1960's Peach Melba by Lorie Deb, waist 26". 

Red HOT 50's Lilli Diamond party dress, waist 28" .

Adorable 1960's strawberry straw purse, original tags from Newberry's still attached. 68.

Darling 60's white wiggle dress with red belt and matching car coat....size 4-6.

Hydrangea haze 1950's strapless party dress, waist 26".

Aurora beaded statement necklace by Todd, 98.

1980's does the 20's really well in this beaded silk chiffon dress by Yvonne LaFleur, size 6.

Gorgeous silk taffeta 50's party dress with seafoam green tulle, waist 26".

Lord help me I'm NUTS over this 50's linen walnut novelty print wiggle dress and jacket. So good!

Vintage 50's Sally Milgrim Nylon chiffon wedding gown with modest train, waist 24".

60's Dior hat. Love it!

Impeccably tailored 60's suit by Mams'elle, 3 pieces.

 A whole lot of fabulous at the Xtabay right now. Be sure to check out our ETSY shop, we have been adding new items daily so that all you out of towner's can shop as well.

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Xtabay Prom Dresses Come To LIfe

Vanisha wearing her 1950's Xtabay prom gown this April 2012
Robin looking like a Renior painting in a 40's Patullo Jo-Copeland tiered evening gown from Xtabay for prom.
I love how she styled it and can you believe how fabulous that necklace is?!!!

Kaylon looks so beautiful in her Xtabay yellow rose late 50's prom dress. 

Shannon and her handsome date look adorable in the 50's red scalloped hem prom dress.

Jamie looks beautiful on the left in this 50's teal party dress....

Nothing makes me happier than seeing one of our dresses come to life on someone. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful pictures from prom this year! You all look fabulous!
If you have a picture of yourself in an Xtabay dress please send them to me, I would love to share them with everyone.

Friday, May 25, 2012

My Date With Ruven Afanador

Posing with Gabe for Ruven Afanador in my 50's Suzy Perette dress .

Heidi, Diane and Margot watch the action in Xtabay dresses....
The stylists see how many hats they can pile on Olga's head...

Ruven directs the scene while Gabe begs for treats...
Gabe and Ruven: BFF's....

Serious hair tower. 

 What an exciting week at Xtabay. Tuesday evening I got an email from Conde Nast Traveller magazine saying they were coming on Thursday to do a feature on Portland, Oregon and wanted to photograph Xtabay.  As if that wasn't thrilling enough they told me the photographer was Ruven Afanador and he wanted me to wear something BOLD... I immediately googled Ruven and became a tad bit intimidated when I clicked on his website and saw photographs he'd taken of Heidi Klum.

I tore apart my closet searching for something bold and settled on a late 50's black and gold brocade cocktail dress by Suzy Perette. I called my friend Laura who owns Bliss Salon and Day Spa and arranged for her to handle my hair and make-up. Fortunately, when Ruven and his entourage ( a good 15 people!) arrived they were happy with the look we'd created--however, Ruven wanted BIG hair and turned my elegant little chignon into a towering inferno of blond madness. You know what they say....the higher the hair, the closer to God.

Jeff (my forever Fiance') was on hand and took a few shots with his iPhone to capture the excitement. Gabe as usual stole the show and won over Ruven's heart. The crew had a model on hand and dressed her up in the yellow fur kimenetta coat, a long Givenchy maxi dress and about 12 hats...
My ladies helped out and looked beautiful in Xtabay dresses. It was kind of the best day ever...

 Xtabay will appear in the September issue of Conde' Nast Traveller. Maybe it's not quite as fabulous as being in the September issue of Vogue but it's pretty darn close!

Thanks for looking!