Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

We have been very good girls. For real. We've helped women find dresses that make them feel like femme fatales, matched soon-to-be-brides with their dream gowns, and found homes for wayward stilettos. We've even nursed two darling pneumonia-ridden dogs to health and have the credit card bills to prove it. Time for payback, Santa.

At the top of Liz's list is more Miriam Haskell jewelry. She was thrilled to have the beaded, flowered, rhinestone-spangled necklace and earring sets that she's been able to offer to Xtabay patrons, and she wants more. On the other hand, don't worry about this one, Santa. If Liz wants it for the store, she'll find it.

For her own closet, Liz politely requests a closet chock full of Adele Simpson party dresses like the green one in the Xtabay window with the full skirt and cleverly looped swags--only in her size. She wouldn't mind a version of the sleeveless black gown in the window, the gorgeous one with the outsized bow at the bustle, but for a gal with a little more pulchritude. She trusts you to select a few choice Traina and Chapman gowns for her, as well, and maybe a silk velvet dressing gown in summer green for cold winter mornings. Finally, please bring her the perfect purse. This request is from me, Santa, because I know Liz has cast far and wide for the bag of her dreams but not quite found it.

Allison's list, dear Santa, is much more simple. Basically, she wants Grace Kelly's entire wardrobe from Rear Window in her size. She also wouldn't mind some cute snow boots from the 1960s lined in mouton and some glamorous slips from the 1940s and 1950s, which she customizes into darling tops. Please bring every color of nail polish from the Butter line, too, please. 

Joanne isn't here to make her request, but on her behalf (I'm telling you, Santa, she's been very, very good) I'd like to request some velvet 1930s evening gowns, cut on the bias. I think one in silver, one in daffodil, and one in a stormy blue would be perfect. She might appreciate a Victorian dressing gown in black, too, and some 1970s chain metal scarves. If you really want to please her, toss in some 1930s and 1940s platform sandals in watered silk and a giant bottle of Jicky eau de toilette.

Amy wasn't able to appeal to you directly, either, Santa, but I'd love it if you brought her an armload of the empire-waist 1960s dresses she looks so stunning in. I think five for summer and five for winter would be perfect. She is so beautiful in sculpturally cut clothing. A few giant rings shaped like multi-petaled flowers would suit her well, too. 

For me? Why, Santa, thanks for asking. I'll take a dozen Pringle cashmere sweaters, some vintage Daniel Green satin mules, a chunky crystal Eisenberg bracelet, some elbow length evening gloves, a silky 1940s dressing gown, a dozen 1950s silk scarves in autumn colors, and a pristine 1940s Lilli Ann suit. If you still have room in your sleigh, let me know...

Hugs to Rudolph and the missus,
Your (very good) Xtabay Shop Girls


  1. Jessica,

    Thank you! I hope Santa will be good to you, too--I'm sure you've been very, very good this year.

    Silk Scarves,

    Alas, the only pictures of the scarves are in my dreams.