Saturday, January 29, 2011

Style Guidepost

Standing in a store like Xtabay, heaped with choices from elegant alligator bags and shapely 1940s suits to chic 1980s blouses and frilly 1950s prom gowns, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. What is your style? What really suits your personality? Will you end up buying something you truly love--on your best friend? If you have a few minutes and a pen and paper, we might be able to help.

What you need is a style guidepost, a few words to summarize your style and point you to items that dovetail with your style and personality. Here is how you do it:

First, make a list of adjectives that appeal to you. Go wild and include anything vaguely interesting. To get started, you might consider: glamorous, folksy, gothic, 18th century, saucy, sensual, elegant, composed, baroque, passionate, rock 'n roll, crazy, vibrant, bohemian, film noir, and serene. Think about geography for adjectives, too: French, British, Chinese, Mexican, Moon (why not?), Russian, Rio, Transylvanian, seaside, and Hollywood. Think of more. What interests you? Where do you dream of vacationing? If you could live in any time, any culture, when or where would it be? What do you enjoy reading about?

Now come up with a list of nouns. Femme fatale, gypsy, seductress, librarian, sailor, loner, Grace Kelly, waif, Amazon, rock star, astronaut, princess, warrior, heroine--these will get you started. Keep going. List al least a dozen nouns.

Finally, combine the adjectives with the nouns and see what you come up with. I bet you'll find something that will inspire your style. Rock n' roll librarian, folksy Grace Kelly, Hollywood librarian, Bohemian femme fatale, outer space seductress, film noir gypsy. Mix it up. The possibilities stretch as far as your imagination.

Eventually you'll end up with a combination, or even a few, that intrigue you. Don't forget them--they may be the nut of your style.

~ Angie

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