Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Double Your Pleasure...

Double your pleasure with these matching baby blue and hot pink wool boucle suits!  Both belonged to a wealthy Lake Oswego woman who shopped voraciously during the 1960's. She shopped so much in fact that she never had time to wear any of the things she bought!  Xtabay is literally packed right now with her fabulous collection.  Most of the items still have their original hand tags attached. She loved to shop at exclusive old Portland department stores like Lipmans, Charles F. Berg and Meier and Frank. She favored designers like Bonnie Cashin, Samuel Robert and Charles Talbot. We have loads of jackets, skirts, tops and dresses by these sought after vintage superstars! A few of the  new-old coat and dress sets by Bonnie Cashin that still have their 250.00 price tags attached. 250.00 was serious money to spend in 1967!

Her collection has injected a serious dose of much needed color at the Xtabay. Lime green, fuschia, banana yellow, baby blue, juicy orange! Really, you must see it to believe it.
Pair of new-old stock Bonnie Cashin coat and dress sets! 
 The suits pictured are size small, and fit like a modern size 4.  Priced at 198. The Bonnie Cashin sets are available for 298. each and fit more like a medium.  Please contact us at 503-230-2899 for more info. We are always happy to take orders and ship.

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