Friday, October 28, 2011

Whole Lotta Lanz...

1950's Lanz Original, waist 25". Sold.

50's Lanz top and skirt set with novelty fishing print. Sold.

Too cute for words, Lanz skirt and top set with rickrack trim and white buttons. Waist 25"
Available for 148. 

Even the labels are adorable!
Black, yellow and white ladies and gentlemen print skirt and top set. Buttons up the back.
Waist 25", bust on top 34". Available for 148.

With Lanz it's all about the little details...

The print on this one is so wonderfully odd...floating maidens and carousel horses?
Button front blouse and skirt in red, black and white. Waist 25". Available for 148.

Wonderful medium weight navy wool FULL circle skirt Lanz dress with Peter Pan collar.
Waist 25". Available for 198. 

Lanz takes a more sophisticated view in this silk satin cocktail dress. Waist 24",
available for 198.
Buttons up the back!

50's Lanz Sweetheart print. Sold.

Lanz little black button up the back dress. Sold.

A couple of Saturdays ago two of my favorite customers came in warning me they had a whole car load of items to sell.
 Now these gals have STYLE. Addie and Nancy are both in their 70's and are destined to appear in the famous fashion blog Advanced Style (here is where I would attempt to add an enclosure link but I still haven't figured out how to do it yet :( ).  I assumed the stuff they were selling was their own but they told me it belonged to a woman they are caretakers for. The woman was downsizing and rather than take all her old clothing to Goodwill Addie suggested they brought it by Xtabay to see if I wanted to buy any of it. Well.... did I ever?!

They packed the front of the shop with bags, suitcases and hat was a bit overwhelming. As I started to dig I got excited.  There were all of these wonderful 50's Lanz dresses! The most charming Lanz dresses I'd ever come across!

Now Lanz is synonymous with a rather frumpy (yet cozy) floor length flannel nitegown. I used to have one when I was a kid and even at age 7 felt silly in it.  Don't get the two confused. While they are distant relatives they are now two distinct companies.  Lanz of Salzburg is the creator of the birth control nitegowns while Lanz Originals was the creator of the darling, demure yet sophisticated dresses. The Lanz company was started in 1922 by Josef Lanz selling dirndls and lederhosen to tourists. From there it grew...

Since the dresses came in they have been selling like hotcakes. If I had anything like a 25" waist I would have kept a few for myself. If you are interested in purchasing any or all of them call us at 503 230 2899 between the store hours of 11am -6pm. We ship anywhere. Any questions please email us at or


  1. WOW! Such amazing dresses! I absolutely love the prints!

  2. I think the floating maidens print is actually maidens in distress and knights on white horses-at least it looks taht way to me. Darling.