Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mad Men Season 5 at Xtabay

 It's 1966 on Mad Men and the fashions are changing. Hems are getting shorter, prints are getting wilder and there's a new Mrs. Draper. Here's a little collection of some of the current Mad Men trends we have in store...

There is no doubt in my mind that the liberated, forward thinking Peggy Olsen would wear this double knit Lilli Ann set from the mid 60's. Size 6-8 approx. 198.

I have always loved Trudi's sense of style and can see her wearing...

this adorable 1960's cupcake bubble skirt party dress (waist 23", 248.) for a garden party, or....

this fabulous 60's bubble hemmed dress for a cocktail party, I guess I just associate bubble hems with Trudi:) Waist 27", 198.

Who do you think would look best in this one?
 It's a little bit Trudi and a little bit Joan...

This is the obvious Joan pick...it's her size ( waist 32", 198.) and her colors. I wish my dress form had her curves to really show it off!

so is this one...

This 60's illusion lace cocktail dress is pure Joan Holloway, by Emma Domb, waist 32", 198.

This fabulous dress and coat set is perfect for Betty this season, very Jackie, very politicians wife. 
Set by Pab, from the mid 60's. Size 2-4, 248.

I bet Betty would like this silk Abe Schrader set as well, size 7-8. 198.

Now for Megan, I can imagine her wearing this Lilli Ann set to  work...

Fantastic 1960's knit Lilli Ann mod dress and matching coat, size 10-12, 298.

or this immaculate 60's silk paisley print masterpiece from Nicholas Ungar, size 4-6. 248. 

For evening, Megan likes her dresses short and daring. I think if Megan shopped at Xtabay she'd pick out this little number.

I have a feeling Don would too!

We have these and tons more Mad Men season 5 fashions at Xtabay. If you see anything you can't live without feel free to email me with any questions, we ship all over the world. 
Thanks for looking!

email me at xtabayliz@gmail.com or call us at 503~230~2899

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