Monday, October 22, 2012

Curvy Girls: Listen Up!

1950's Mocha Satin Party Dress, Waist 34". 198.

One of the comments heard most often in a vintage clothing store—right after “Where do you get all your stuff?” and “My grandma had earrings like that”—is “People sure were skinny back then.”

Listen. I’m a curvaceous gal. I can clean off a platter of steak-frites faster than you can say “Jack Sprat’s wife.” But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve glimpsed an alluring bit of colorful silk on the rack and eagerly pulled out the dress, only to discover it was too big for me.

That’s right—too big. It’s true that the Xtabay stocks plenty of twos and fours, but stylish girls in the double digit sizes have a good selection, too.

Back in the Mad Men days and beyond, not everyone was thin. Joan aside, think about your old family photos. I bet you had at least one zaftig aunt, and if they weren’t curvy to start with, probably most of your relatives expanded as they matured. In fact, one of the reasons there are so many pristine, tiny prom dresses is that they never got much wear because their owners grew out of them once they saw a little bit of the world and had children.

Which brings me to my next point: often these "normal-sized" vintage dresses are the ones with the best style. Sure, you’ll always find a few dowdy mother-of-the-bride numbers, but you’ll also find some knockout dresses that could only have been chosen by a woman who knew her way around garter belts and Oysters Rockerfeller.
Still skeptical? It’s about time to start thinking about a cocktail dress or two for the holiday season. Come down to Xtabay and ask for some suggestions. First, you’ll be assessed so that your figure can be matched with the shape of dress that flatters it best. Then—I guarantee you—you’ll have hangers full of lace, lamé, and brocade to model. Plus, vintage coats, stoles, purses, hats, and jewelry fit everyone, no matter what size and shape you are. 

But vintage shoes? People sure had small feet back then…

~Angela Sanders is a guest blogger. Thanks Angie for your post. Here are a few of the fabulous curve celebrating dresses we have available in the store right now. ..

Stunning Autumn Floral Party dress from the late 50's, waist 30". 

1950's Joan Holloway Style silk cocktail dress by Murray Schneider. Waist 33", 198.

Stunning 1950's blush rose wiggle dress, waist 29". 

Amazing heavily beaded 60's cocktail dress by Victoria Royal, waist 32". 

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