Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fashion Show Sneak Peeks!

For once Holly Andres in front of the lens rather than behind it!

Krystal rockin' a 60's Modelia patchwork wool coat...

Iris trying on the 50's flocked apple print 50's party dress...
Iris in the velvet femme fatale suit.

I'm in love with this 50's cotton gingham dress with rhinestones...

Fabulous statement necklaces by our favorite local jewelry designer Todd Rouse. 

Our lovely seamstress Erin working hard to restore the 50's Frank Starr showstopper. 

I've been so busy lately getting ready for our annual holiday fashion show that I've barely had time to do anything else! I finally got it together to take a few pictures of some of the items you will be seeing this Saturday--you are coming right?

 Actually, I'm feeling rather terrible about the way I've handled ticket sales. You see, I am allergic to the word NO. So when folks asked if they could reserve a few tickets here and there I just kept saying YES. Granted if you are subscribed to our official email list you would have got the message that we were going to start selling them at our  Black Friday Sale. Well we did...and then people just kept asking me...and asking... and now I have a measly 10 tickets left to sell this Saturday morning.
So come early and try to snag the last few. It should be an amazing show and we have already raised about $600 for the Cascade AIDS Project.

Due to popular demand, we will having a SECOND fashion show on December 1st happening at 9:30 p.m. We have all 85 tickets available to purchase on Saturday December 1st for that second show. We are very happy to be able to show you our beautiful collection not just once, but twice! Thank you!
Hope to see you this Saturday!


  1. Oh I have been so looking forward to this!! Hopefully I'll be able to score tickets!

  2. Good luck with your fashion show, I'm sure it will be fabulous!