Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Arrivals For August...

1950's Garden Party dress by Gigi Young, waist 27", 298.

1960's silk chiffon beaded cocktail dress by Pat Sandler, waist 32", 298.
1960's Tangerine Dream silk chiffon evening gown by Pat Sandler, waist 26", 398.

1950's Coffee and Cream Dream, waist 26", 298.

1950's Atomic Burst dress by Frank Tisch, waist 26", 398.

1950's Back to School Brown dress, waist 27", 198.

1950's cotton halter garden party dress, waist 26", 225.

The store is slowly starting to transition into fall...colors are becoming warmer, fabrics are getting richer. I am always amazed how this seems to happen effortlessly, my most recent finds have all been in warm autumn tones.  Thank you Universe for always being so... relevant.

August is our anniversary month so stay tuned for a big sale announcement coming up very soon...

If you see anything you just have to have give us a call and we can arrange to have it shipped to you most anywhere in the world. Our number is 503-230-2899.

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