Monday, September 16, 2013

Endlessly Enraptured with Jade and Cory.

 Cory and Jade from the delicious blog Endlessly Enraptured visited the shop the other day to interview me for Portland Fashion Week. Cory and Jade are the sweetest, loveliest couple I know. While Cory asked me a few questions about the history of Xtabay ( read the post here: Xtabay Our Safe Haven) Jade snapped some photographs of the shop. However, the real fun started when Jade started trying on some our beautiful treasures. I love seeing how Jade makes things come to life. Her beauty is arresting and timeless. Her alabaster skin becomes luminous against a jet black evening gown. She can wear a hat like nobodies business. She's like Audrey, Grace and Rita all wrapped up into one.

Thanks to Cory and Jade for writing such a lovely post, you can come by and play dress up anytime:)

All photographs were taken by Endlessly Enraptured/ Jade M. Sheldon photography.

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