Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Little Knit Music...

Vintage 1970's knit dress by The Knit Group. Fur felt hat by Deborah.

1970's starburst knit top by Jane. 

1970's striped St. John cardigan, 70's knit by Jane, and Chocolate St. John knit from the 70's.

Sexy 1980's metallic gold and black dress by Richard Assaulty. 
1970's Chocolate knit dress by The Knit Group. 
1970's abstract knit dress by Goldworm. 

1970's St. John Knit in ivory. 

Adorable under this 60's camel and cream wool coat!

Sensational 1970's spakling celadon knit gown by The Knit Group featuring crystal buttons.

Lime Green  1970's St. John knit gown with rhinestone buttons. 

It's been a knit explosion this week at Xtabay! So many fabulous vintage St. John Knit dresses, tops and cardigans. We will be listing them all in our Etsy shop this week. 
In addition to all the fantastic knit pieces that have flooded the shop we also have some really cute holiday geared coats and dresses! 

1950's red velveteen coat by Lawrence of London.

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