Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Touch of Pink

I'm obsessed with vintage pin on flowers...

Pink kitties!
1950's lace and tulle wedding dress with a 28" waist!  298.

Early 1960's Mr. Blackwell custom couture duchess silk satin rose print gown with shawl.
Size 6-8.

Fabulous 60s white chintz curtains from estate sale.
my hat box collection keeps growing...

How hot is this?!

Sexy early 60's Italian knit wiggle dress in shocking pink. 148.

60's Schiaparelli straw hat with pink flowers, 78.

Amazing vintage fuschia feather hat buy Jack McConnell, 125.

Gorgeous late 59's polished cotton rose print wiggle dress, 175.

1950's cotton halter neck dress, with flower print, 175, size 4-6.

Claret taffeta new-look party dress with pink scarf and built in crinoline.  248.,
size 7-8.

One of my favorite finds this weekend....

Poodles and Voluspa soaps  go together like....

New-old 70's italian snake skin heels....

My crazy hat box tower that one day I hope will reach the ceiling!

I had a pretty rough weekend. In a manic attempt to bring you the best vintage dresses I could possibly find, I may have blown a cerebral gasket. It all started with a picture of the Mr. Blackwell gown posted on an estate sale company's website. No price was listed, all that was mentioned was that this gown was going to be in an upcoming sale. The sale advertised "Vintage Fashion Designer Clothes". Well, this threw me into a complete tizzy. I had to get into this sale! I had to be first! I had to bring home the "Vintage Fashion Designer Clothes"!
 So, in order to get into the sale early you have to go to some pretty extreme lengths. The first thing required of me was so sign up on the LIST. The estate sale "list" is serious business. The list was going being posted Thursday afternoon at 2pm. The sale would be on the upcoming Saturday.  I decided to dedicate 4 1/2 of my earth hours to waiting to get on the list. So, I show up at 10:30 am, and there are already 5 cars parked in front of the house. The cars are filled with the die-hard estate sale people, it's always the same group. There's Barb and Kate and Jerry and Bob and Maureen, they look for jewelry, furniture and antiques.  They bring portable DVD players and snacks, one gal was in a sleeping bag and looked like she had just woken up.
They have started the list for the real LIST.  I am number 8 and so far I'm the only vintage clothing buyer. The deal is you can't leave once you've signed the pre-list or you will instantly crossed off the list. So for the next 4 hours we all had to sit in our cars and wait.  It wasn't long before the inevitable happened. I had to pee.  I was forced to consult 5 different people about this and finally they agreed I could quickly sneak off and take care of my business.  One poor guy just held it in the whole time, too frightened he might abruptly be slashed from the list.
Finally, the 4 hours passed and nobody died of kidney failure. We all got our places on the official list and drove home feeling confident about the sale on Saturday. 
The thing with estate sales is you never know what your going to get.  You don't know if the "Vintage Fashion Designer Clothes" are really going to be that or just some Liz Claiborne separates from the mid nineties. Well, this time we showed up and the sale had been CANCELLED. All that sitting around in the car holding my bladder for nothing!  Fortunately, it was rescheduled for the following week and I managed to wrangle some treasures. Like the Mr. Blackwell gown, which I pretty much paid retail for but simply had to have...I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor:) heehee....


  1. Just a note.. the pink italian wiggle dress is crocheted, not knit. I think that is a pretty rare and probably handmade item.

  2. Oh I never knew that it's so hard to find great vintage clothes! All that hard work is paying off! You always menage to have The Best pieces, I can never leave your boutique empty-handed... Thank you for doing your best for us vintage lovers!

  3. Oh Liz, I feel your pain! I had a very similar experience a few months ago, they started the pre list for the REAL list and when the sale host came out he ripped it up and said, "No, I make the list"~~I've never been so grateful for my big blue eyes...I think I actually welled up with tears, and, thankfully he let me in as #16....I did score a great 1940s bag, but you just never know! This collection is STUNNING! I, too, love the Pin Money purse...I first heard the expression from my husband when we were dating and had NO idea what he was talking I do!

  4. These are so lovely! The first dress is beautiful and the first flowered dress is too. I found a pair of pants that are the exact same flowered pattern actually at a flea market in Paris! Crazy! So happy to stumble on this blog, I bought an amazing black and white '80s style dress from you back in 2008 or so, I remember so fondly trying on all of the lovely dresses. I still love vintage, and I'll be sure to stop by when I'm next in Portland!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  5. My grandmother had that pin money it sold? If not please let me know: