Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Arrivals

Black 60s feathered cocktail dress, sold. 
1950s couture gown by Frank Usher, waist 24".
1980s does 20s Poison Peacock gown is perfect for a Gatsby party! Size 8-10

1950's Snowflake prom dress, SOLD.
1950's silk Op-Art print dress with full circle skirt, waist 28.

1970s silk evening gown by thee Bob Mackie! Waist 26".

1950s Herbert Sondheim silver satin party dress, waist 26".
1960s Garden Tapestry print chiffon dress by Jr. Theme, waist 26".
1950's Stardust tulle evening gown, waist 24".
1940's striped taffeta formal gown, waist 25".
1950's black lace over emerald green party dress by Fred Perlberg. Waist 25".
Pristine 1940's Black Vamp rayon crepe evening gown with silver sequins, waist 28".

So I wasn't able to get it together this year to put on a fashion show. I had every intention and even stashed away some fantastic fashion show worthy (see pics above) dresses, but just couldn't do it. So much has been going on my brain feels like it's been permanently scrambled. 

As some of you may know I have adopted two things into the Xtabay family- one being a 1'5" red head male named Guy (ghee) and two being a thriving local bridal boutique in downtown Portland called The English Department.  The process has been an exciting yet nerve wracking endeavor. 

   I wasn't out looking to buy a new business. Elizabeth Dye, The English Departments' founder and fashion designer approached me towards the end of the summer and asked if I might be interested in adopting her store. You can read how it all went down here Besides being incredibly flattered that she would pick me it was an opportunity that was just too exciting to resist. You mean go to New York for bridal fashion week? Stay in a nice hotel and look at beautiful dresses? Um... yes please! 

So don't fear, my heart forever belongs to Xtabay. It's fun to spread my wings a little and try new things. I am so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful and capable staff at both locations. Thank you Erin, Margot, Emily, Rachael, Stephanie, Dianne, Chelsea, Ragen, and Britta. 

 And that reminds me! Shop at small businesses this holiday season, the money you spend  goes right back into the community.  Trust me, just ask the folks at New Seasons, Dot's Cafe, Powell Blvd Vet Clinic, People's Food Co-op, etc....:)  

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