Tuesday, December 17, 2013

these are few of my favorite things....

The Xtabay is all decked out for the holidays! The tree is up, the garland is strung and all of my favorite holiday dresses are priced and ready to go. These are just a few....

1950's velvet halter neck party dress with red flocked tulle ballerina skirt. Waist 25".

1960's emerald green brocade party dress, waist 24".

Perfect with a triple strand crystal necklace...

1950's iridescent fuschia pink ball gown, waist 26". 

Perfect with our oversized pearl cluster necklace.  

The Jungle Sleeps Tonight 1950's wool felt novelty print set, hand-made and wonderful. Waist 26".

1950's Golden Galaxy dress with metallic dots, waist 26".

Perfect with golden pearl and rhinestone necklace.

Late 20's slipper satin and lace art deco wedding dress. 

Available exclusively in the bridal salon...
1960's pink pleated chiffon cocktail cutie, waist 26"

Sexy 50's wool jersey bombshell dress with options...waist 28".

This sexy and sophisticated cocktail dress is made from a vintage pattern exclusively for Xtabay. Available in size small, med and large. I myself have one and it's fabulous!

Holiday dresses galore! Let us help you find the perfect one. 

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