Sunday, July 6, 2014

What to wear...

I think this little ensemble would be perfect for an afternoon wedding ceremony or a Sunday brunch: 1950's two-piece polished cotton skirt and top set with 1940s yellow pumps and 1930's straw hat. Set is available in our Etsy shop. 

Lovely turquoise blue chiffon dress by Aignon would make a darling bridesmaid dress or wedding guest dress. I love it paired with bright orange satin pumps!

It doesn't get much classier than this. I think Jackie Kennedy would approve of this chocolate brown and pale aqua silk dress and matching jacket. Our 1960's peu de soie pumps from Saks 5th Ave. and an amazing aqua mesh clutch by Whiting and Davis are the perfect accessories. Dress available in our Etsy shop too. I personally think this would make the perfect Mother of the Bride ensemble. 

This elegant 1960's silk LBD with matching top could have walked straight out of Audrey Hepburns' closet. The hat with white rose lends a little drama- I'm thinking Chanel cosmetic counter interview (minus the hat) or Mafia funeral (with the hat)….
This little 1950's western Patio dress with silver ric-rac would be perfect for a hoe-down or a summer barbecue. Do people go to hoe-downs anymore? What exactly is one? Anyway, this dress is cute for just about anything. I like it with our 1950's Henry Waters Springolaters. Dress available in Etsy shop.

This spectacular 1950's dress would be perfect for a formal wedding or an auction or benefit….Anywhere you need to be the best dressed woman in the room. Wear the entire outfit and I'm willing to place money on it. Dress available in our Etsy shop.

So this little outfit is so cute that the dress has already sold. All that remains is the most charming 50's mohair cardigan I have ever seen, the most perfect yellow 40's shoes of all time and this darling little floral print bag. 

Now this little ensemble is for turning up the heat. Whether it be an occasion that involves an unrequited love or a situation that calls for revenge this little electric red 60's Sydney North dress paired with our favorite new Butter color Ladybird is sure to do the job. The dress is available in our Etsy shop and should come with a warning: Hearts will be broken. 

Wear this to the ballet or opera- I would say symphony but the last few times I went to the Oregon Symphony everyone was wearing shorts and fleece vests. What happened? People thankfully do still dress up for the opera and the ballet I think…. This early 1960's dress by Jeanette Alexander would be perfect- the black pillbox hat with the dotted veil is extra fun but may have to be removed once you're in the auditorium. The Springolater's can slip off while you watch the show because while they may look fabulous I can't guarantee they're as comfortable as your Birkenstocks.

I hope these little ensembles provide some fashion inspiration. We have so many beautiful dresses and accessories in stock right now. We would love to help you put something together whatever the occasion may be!

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